Tallest Castle in France, Brissac with its 7 floors and 204 rooms, deserves its nickname “Giant of the Loire Valley”.

Purchased in 1502 by René de Cossé, first lord of Brissac, the Castle is now the residence of the fourteenth Duke of Brissac. While the park offers magnificent views in the shade of centuries-old trees, the visit reveals a dazzling decor. Here rival beauty, gold leaf ceilings, precious furniture and especially a lovely Belle Epoque theater, dedicated to the opera.

In the golden drawing room are gathered family memories, portraits, pictures, flowers and candles… Because Brissac is a family castle in which each generation has endeavoured to transmit the love and the respect of a patrimony to maintain a tradition of hospitality. In the dining-room you will see that the table is already set as if many guests were invited to dine with the Duke!

The visit continues in the footsteps of King Louis XIII who came to Brissac in August 1620, from historic rooms in galleries of paintings to the Belle Epoque Theater. This amazing 200-seat opera house was born ambitious project of Jeanne Say, Marquise de Brissac, a music lover, at the end of the 19th century.

The visit ends in the cellar of the castle with a tasting of the wines of the property. Anjou Villages Brissac and Rosé d’Anjou age in the meditation and silence of the stone vaults. In our shop, you will also find many souvenirs (books, wine waiters’ aprons, local confectionery….)

Flying over the façades

On a music by Joseph Haydn