From your arrival to your departure, we take care of the complete organization of your reception or your seminar and bring you our “savoir-faire”: the art of hosting.

As soon as they come through the gates of of honor, your guests will be dazzled by the majesty of the place while on the lawns hunting horns resound! Welcome inside!

In the Grand Salon, glass in hand, or if the weather allows it in the terraced gardens, the Marquis de Brissac will welcome you all and tell you the story of his family and his 600-year-old residence. At the end of the welcome cocktail, the group will take a private tour of the monument and explores this fabulous castle called “The Giant of the Loire Valley”.

Bedchambers, gallery of portraits or tapestries, furniture and paintings, painted ceilings and chandeliers from Venice evoke with emotion the history of a collection patiently gathered over the centuries and of an ancient life that continues today.

What a surprise when you will enter the Belle Époque theater, built for a Marquise who was a music lover and who hosted in its time a famous music festival “The autumn evenings of the castle of Brissac”.

Then, under the benevolent eyes of the family portraits, warmed by a monumental wood fire, your guests will gather around a table beautifully decorated the table beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and enjoy a delicious dinner, served by candlelight and prepared by a chef from Angers.

Equally unforgettable will be the memory of leaving the building returning one last time to see the monumental facades illuminated in the night.

Reception rates

Our rates are only communicated after receiving a request made using the form below.
Minimum size of a group 10 people, maximum 300 people.
For any ask, write us.

An original idea : Enjoy an exquisite candlelight meal in the medieval kitchens close to a gigantic log fire.

Its monumental fireplace and its impressive log fire, its massive vaults and its paved floor, give this room a unique “cachet”. Perfectly suited to accommodate a group of 10 to 50 people for a business lunch or dinner, the medieval kitchens offer an authentic and memorable experience.